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Coffee with CMO Series | Episode 1 | Shyam Ananthnarayan | CMO | ITC Infotech

‘Coffee with CMO’ Series with Shyam Ananthnarayan, Chief Marketing Officer, ITC Infotech in conversation with Ipsita Nayak, CEO, Kalzoom Advisors based on the theme, “Is Marketing evolving or has it been forced to evolve because of the changes in the Business Environment today?”
An overview of key features of the interview:
  1. The Customer Engagement Index – how ITC Infotech is using data to help decide when to connect and reconnect with a customer is fantastic!
  2. The Brand Index – They way ITC Infotech has come up with a model which helps them regulate and monitor the status of each client, how well they are engaged digitally and use this index to guide in their next steps is very visionary. Infact, we have developed a similar tool at our end – a Marketing Assessment tool which helps map similar parameters. However, this tool is built for internal use and helps assess the maturity of the Marketing Function of an organization.
  3. The Client Surveys – For me, this is the definition of innovation during this changing business environment. How the surveys have led to the development of new products and the fact that there are a few deals on the verge of signing is amazing.

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