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We are living in the era of fast paced evolving customer expectations and sensory overload. While technology has been a boon, it also brings with itself a major challenge for marketers – the challenge of cutting through the noise and commanding the customer’s attention. 

Never has brand messaging and positioning been more important than it is now. Your brand positioning needs to resonate with your customers now more than ever.

We work with brands to create their brand positioning and design messaging that conveys the value they deliver to the customer, uniqueness of their services and products and evokes the right emotion.

Our Approach

In order to develop the Brand Messaging, we will take into account the following three perspectives

We conduct discussions with the marketing team, sales team and members of the leadership team as well as other stakeholders to understand the “why” of your organisation, problems you help solve, your solutions, approach to delivery, your differentiators, values you deliver to customers and sales approach.

We develop a deep understanding of the

  • The products and services, the value they deliver to customers and new products or services in the pipeline


  • The current customer base and segment the same basis demographics, geography, repeat use, occupation etc.

  • Map the sales process and the key personas in the sales process, key attributes of each persona, their challenges and goals. In addition, we also understand reasons for successful sales.


  • The marketing initiatives, response to marketing initiatives, USPs, differentiators and customer feedback


  • Finally, understand the current positioning, messaging, vision for the company and brand

Kalzoom Advisors Brand Messaging approach - Gain internal perspective

We conduct a detailed competitive analysis of key 4 to 5 competitors to understand how the competition is messaging and marketing themselves.


We analyse:

  • Their website, social media channels, collaterals and other publicly available information to understand their messaging and positioning

  • Their recent marketing activities to understand the kind of promotions, lead generation and brand visibility

  • The website traffic, SEO, key word ranking to get an understanding of their areas of focus, where their customers are coming from

Kalzoom Advisors Brand Messaging approach - Competition Analysis

Perspective of your customer is invaluable in crafting a compelling story. We conduct Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) with multi audience groups in case of B2C companies or alternatively one on one interviews with customers for B2B companies.

We analyse:

  • How customers perceive the brand - what attributes of the brand they relate with, what are the brand's values, what are their strengths and areas of improvements

  • Awareness about the width and depth of the brand's products and services offerings

  • What is unique about the brand vis a vis competition, reasons for choosing to purchase the brand's products and service.

Kalzoom Advisors Brand Messaging approach - Study customer perspective

Workshop on Findings

In this workshop we showcase the following

Presentation of Messaging Framework

The messaging concepts and their rendition in creative are created on the foundation of the Brand Framework and Brand Identity. We share 2 – 3 messaging concepts. The shortlisted messaging will be translated into key communication elements

Deliverables for Branding

Brand Framework

The brand framework includes the following

Brand Design

The brand identity or design includes the visual elements that the Brand will be associated with

Kalzoom Advisors Brand Services deliverables - Brand Design

Messaging Framework

We translate the Brand Framework and Brand Identity into messaging. For the same, we create:

Brand Guidelines

The brand guidelines provide the framework for creative design – colours, fonts, logo usage, illustration and photographic styles, language style etc. The manual will explain how the brand should be communicated both internally and externally

The Brand Guideline book includes the following

Kalzoom Advisors Brand Services deliverables - Brand Guidelines

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