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Coffee with CMO Series | Episode 3 | Tanmay Ayare | Global Head Marketing | Route Mobile

‘Coffee with CMO’ Series with Tanmay Ayare, Global Head – Communications & Marketing, Route Mobile in conversation with Ipsita Nayak, CEO, Kalzoom Advisors based on the theme, “Power of Communications and Marketing in going Public and Beyond”
Tanmay shared his insights on the importance of communications and marketing in the IPO scenario and beyond in gaining consumer’s trust.

An overview of key features of the interview:

1. Messaging: Importance of delivering a key message, story-telling approach and tailoring it to the personas

2. Content Delivery: Disseminating content across multiple channels and customizing medium of content to channel

3. Agile Approach: Monitoring the performance of your content and then tweaking according to market demands

4. Outside-in approach: Understanding the consumer’s perspective and then designing services/offerings as solutions their problems

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