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Social Media has changed the face of marketing. It gives brands an opportunity to directly engage with customers in a personalised way. Social Media is no longer just a channel for influencing customers at the top of the funnel but plays a critical role at every stage of the customer journey.From creating brand awareness to brand ambassadors, social media is one of the most critical channels in the marketing mix.


At the same time, one of the biggest challenges for marketers is to be able to build communication that will resonate with their customers and potential customers. Like in all digital channels, marketers need to cut through the noise and grab their audience’s attention. The trick is to harness the power of data and use the insights to connect with the audience and build conversations.


We enable our clients to achieve new frontiers in social media. We work with brands both globally and India to make social media a success for them. As a leading Social Media Marketing Agency in India, we don’t just help brands build a social media presence but establish a platform to foster relationships with their customers.

The social media services we offer

There are a variety of reasons why marketers use social media services – from increasing brand presence, generate leads, boost conversations, cultivate word of mouth referrals, enable sales and finally gain knowledge of competition.

Social Media Content Development

We develop unique and engaging content that stands out and provides viewers with a reason to click the “Follow”, “Like” or “Share” button and interact with your brand. We design the social media creative as per the medium whether Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok etc.




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In addition, we use the features available in the platform to construct the content to create better reach and make use of the platform to promote the content.

How to use semiotics effectively in building social media content

Social Media Management Services

We take complete responsibility for managing your social media. This includes

Kalzoom Advisors Social Media Management Services - Social Media Calendar

Development of Social Media Calendar

We develop a monthly social media calendar. The calendar contains the posts plan to be put up in each of the key social media platforms and execute the same. In addition, we also write the caption for the social media posts, research and create appropriate hashtags

Kalzoom Advisors Social Media Management Services - Social Media Execution

Disseminating the Posts on Social Media

We study the audience behaviour and put up posts on Social Media based on the best time for maximum views. In addition, we tag relevant people, profiles and organizations. We also reply to comments as well as increase the views of the social media content through organic activities such as posting on relevant Groups, Hashtag, Tagging influencers etc.

Kalzoom Advisors Social Media Management Services - Social Media Reporting

Social Media Reporting

We share monthly reports on the activity done on social media performance – new followers, engagement, ad performance, visits, reach, competition activity etc.

Social Media Advertising

Brands use social media advertising for a variety of reasons including increasing sales, website visits, enabling engagement, remarketing and reach. We manage end to end advertising on social media platforms.

We work with brands to 

Set up a baseline – The social media plan is built from the baseline and will focus on shifting the baseline upwards. This includes average new followers added per month, current engagement rate, audience profile on the various social media.

Develop the advertising strategy based on the social media calendar and marketing initiatives.

This will include the following

  1. Type of advertising (Boosting post, increasing followers, Driving traffic to website)
  2. Medium of advertising
  3. Budget allocation
Kalzoom Advisors Social Media Services - Advertising Strategy

We manage the execution of social media advertising including

  1. Setting up the advertising campaigns
  2. Allocating and managing budgets
  3. Developing the creative for advertising
  4. Undertake course correction initiatives depending on which campaign is performing better, where cost is optimized etc.
Kalzoom Advisors Social Media Services - Advertising Execution

We provide daily, weekly and monthly reports on advertising

  • Achievement of objectives
  • Spends versus achievements
  • Metrics on followers growth, profile visits etc.
  • Analysis of audience
  • Analysis of audience engagement
  • Analysis on content performance
Kalzoom Advisors Social Media Services - Advertising Reporting and Governance

Influencer Marketing

Kalzoom Advisors Social Media Services - Influencer Marketing

We have a connect with multiple influencers as well as influencer networks and work with them to share content to their followers. We also build in elements of contests, promotions, giveaways etc. to get maximum benefit from Influencers.

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